LEGO Fortnite: Here’s how we can duplicate items after one of the latest updates.

LEGO Fortnite is being one of the most played games these past few weeks, reaching stratospheric numbers of millions of players. In fact, the new from Epic Games and Fortnite is getting so much attention and traffic from interested players that its numbers sometimes exceed those of the base game itself.

Such is the case that many times questions arise and answers need to be provided to the hottest topics in the video game industry today. For example, in LEGO Fortnite we can right now duplicate objects in a very simple way if we follow these guidelines after the latest update.

To carry out this trick we will need the object known as “Cortagems“. It is a tool that will allow us to sculpt gems when using materials, which will also allow us to automatically unlock enough materials on the workbench, including the precious amber.

LEGO Fortnite: As铆 podemos duplicar objetos tras una de las 煤ltimas actualizaciones

The trick

With the Cortagems already created, you will need to have at your disposal 20 marble slabs, 5 raw amber, 3 sand shells and 5 sand claws. Once this is done, collect the materials, destroy the cortagems, recreate it and repeat the process.

This way we will have to leave the game, fast enough for the cortagems to remain standing, but the materials recovered by breaking it will remain in your inventory. This glitch is current, and surely it won’t take long to fix it with a new update/patch.