League of Legends 14.1: Everything you need to know

On January 9, 2024, Riot Games released League of Legends patch 14.1, marking the start of Season 2024. It brings substantial changes and new features to the popular MOBA. The 2024 Qualifier Season started on January 10, except for LA1 and NA1 servers.

Among the most notable changes are modifications to the Void, introducing new creatures such as larvae, parasites and the Void Hunger in the Baron’s pit, replacing the Rift Herald. The Rift Herald also undergoes aesthetic and mechanics changes, inspired by the Void larvae.

In addition, the Celestial Colossus and the Igneous Ancestor will now appear as Colossus and Void Ancestor after 20 minutes of gameplay, with 30% more health and increased durability. These changes affect the strategy when defeating them, granting upgrades to the equipment of the player who defeats them.

Baron Nashor receives three new forms (Hunter, Omniscient and Territorial) with unique abilities. As for the playing field, adjustments are made to all lanes to balance the influence of the upper, middle and lower lanes. A small bush is added in the center of the river on the upper lane, and routes and positions are adjusted on the middle and lower lanes.

As for items, adjustments are implemented on more than 100 items, and mythical items are officially removed. The goal is toreduce the power of mythical items and highlight the unique gameplay experience of each champion. Season 2024 also brings changes to qualifiers, such as the reduction of the Emerald tier and visible differences between tiers.

Riot Games addresses quality fixes and improvements to champions, items and qualifiers. Talismans are updated, skills of champions such as Qiyana, Jarvan IV, Sylas and Vel’Koz are adjusted, and bugs in various interactions are fixed.

Finally, new skins and jokes are announced , such as Kassadin dragomancer and Rakan dragomancer, available from January 10. League of Legends version 14.1 features a number of significant changes, addressing gameplay, visual and balance issues to enhance the game experience in Season 2024. For specific details on each change, it is recommended to review the full patch notes at the official link provided by Riot Games.