Latest Sims 5 leak sets off community alarm bells

The Sims 5 is probably one of the most anticipated simulation titles in recent years. And the truth is that it is not difficult or strange to wonder, since the Electronic Arts game is going to present numerous changes in its game model, graphics engine and playable features.

But in particular a latest leak of the Sims 5 has set off all the alarms among fans. Because it turns out that Project Renee, has shared a sort of &;initial design&; of what the Sims 5 might look like and the community has completely collapsed.

Let&;s treat this information as a leak, and not something official:

Pr0ject Rennee sims leak &; seems like we&;ll have the most cartoonish sims ever. Thoughts?
byu/Sincerely-A inthesims

As we can see in the image shared on Reddit, it looks like the Sims 5, if it ends up looking like this, is going to lower the graphical and artistic standard of the saga. Especially when it has such important contenders on the horizon as inZOI, which threatens to take away the reign in its field.

And if in the end it is confirmed that the Sims 5 will look like this, we are undoubtedly talking about a significant reduction in quality compared to previous installments.

This is how the Korean game that would compete against the Sims 5 looks like.