Last hours to get your hands on the free game from Epic Games Store

These are the last hours to get your hands on the last free game from Epic Games for Christmas offers, although today’s January 4, 2024 would also enter the list, so theoretically it is the penultimate free title in the chain of free games this holiday season.

You have specifically until 17:00h to claim this free game from Epic Games, which is neither more nor less than A Plague Tale Innocence, and you can add it permanently free to your account for a limited time. In fact there are just a couple of hours left until the game becomes paid again.

Remember that you must have an active Epic Games account to claim the game for free forever and be of legal age to claim it in the store at no cost. In fact you are in the last hours to venture along with Hugo and Amicia in one of the most epic and breathtaking adventures you can enjoy in an indie or double A game in recent years.

Get ready to discover the mystery behind the dark plagues that plague Europe in the Middle Ages. Are you ready to claim Asobo Studio’s game?