LaLiga FC Pro Cup champion shares his tactics for EA FC 24

Nicolas99FC, EA FC 24 LaLiga FC Pro Cup champion, shares his tactics on the easportsfces Twitch channel. He used a 4-3-2-1 formation, commonly effective.

In defense, he preferred a balanced approach with 32 wide and 69 deep to avoid automated offside. This allowed him to maintain a solid defense while avoiding being caught offside.

Offensively, Nicolas99FC opted for a balanced approach and targeted passing to maximize attacking opportunities. In addition, he recommended setting up two bars on corners and fouls to make the most of these game situations.

In the individual instructions, Nicolas99FC adapted the play of the fullbacks to suit his specific style of play. One stayed in a defensive position while the other joined the attack more actively.

In the midfield, instructions focused on maintaining a solid defense and providing support for the fullbacks. This included specific adjustments for the defensive and attacking midfielders, ensuring complete coverage in all areas of the field.

Up front, Nicolas99FC incorporated a striker who drops back to defend to reinforce the midfield when the team is in a defensive phase. This helped to maintain constant pressure on the opposing team and prevent scoring opportunities.

In addition to EA FC 24 specific tactics, Nicolas99FC shared some additional tips, such as activating certain commands at the start of the match to improve team cohesion. These tactics and strategies led him to victory in the LaLiga FC Pro Cup, proving his effectiveness at the highest competitive level.