La Casa de Papel: Part 1 and the record it has had on Netflix.

La Casa de Papel: Part 1 has once again become one of the most watched Spanish series in recent months. Something that is not surprising, since the production for years has been able to integrate perfectly into the style of series and productions that most Netflix users in Spain, are looking for and requesting quite assiduously.

La Casa de Papel has already had its run in the field of Spanish series and Netflix, and currently in the catalog of the Big N red streaming and video company, is Berlin, the series that is supposed to be the prequel to La Casa de Papel .

The Spanish series has remained for 6 weeks in the top 10 of the most watched on the platform, a record that continues to extend with the passing of the days, and that reaffirms the legendary series as one of the fundamental pillars of Spanish cinema in recent years.

Some curiosities of the series:

  • The main protagonists of the series, take names of cities to hide their real identity.
  • The color red is an unquestionable protagonist in the Spanish series, both as part of the robbers’ outfits and in the scenery.
  • The soccer player Neymar appeared in the series in a tertiary role, appearing as a monk.

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