Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets is a new unique indie horror game and you can play its prologue for free here.

Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets is one of the new indie first-person horror games where we will have to face a whole experience of terror and horror Survival type. This means that our life will be on the front line of battle and we will have to:

  • Survive the nightmares of darkness.
  • Manage our ammunition and resources well.
  • Use the exploration of the territory in our favor.

Investigate the macabre experiments made by a deranged mind prey to madness and horror. And the best thing is that you can play its prologue here:

  • LinkJack Holmes: Master of Puppets: Prologue

And if you want to play the full title, remember that it is available on Steam from April 12, 2024, but you can already add it to your wishlist to get a digital copy of it.