It’s official: Happy Gilmore 2 (Terminagolf) is in development with Adam Sandler


Happy Gilmore (Terminagolf), released in Spain and the rest of the world in 1996, was one of the films that launched Adam Sandler to fame. In this comedy a young man who loved ice hockey had too strong a character, he was irritating and irascible to the core, getting even the field hockey teams to kick him out for being too violent. In a bad run of bad luck, his grandmother, who is the only family he had, will lose the house if he doesn’t come up with a large sum of money before a deadline. With everything against him, that’s where Happy (Adam Sandler) learns about his golf skills (a sport that requires inner peace as a general rule) and has the opportunity to enter a championship in order to save his grandmother’s home.

The film features the great star Carl Weathers, who passed away earlier this year, and also Julie Bowen before she became known for her great role as Claire in Modern Family. Happy Gilmore is one of those many Adam Sandler comedies that not everyone tends to like, and not all of them tend to have a good quality, but from here we recommend that you give a chance to some of his movies, because they almost always leave a great message and some very funny -and real moments if you have lived crazy vacations with the family-. You can watch the trailer of the original movie right here.Es oficial: Happy Gilmore 2 (Terminagolf) está en desarrollo con Adam Sandler 38

Christopher McDonald, accidentally reveals this great news

The actor who played Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore, the “bad guy in the movie”, in a recent interview with the media World of Reel, announced this bomb by accident while a couple of hours later Deadline itself announced that the film would officially arrive on the Netflix platform.

This is due to the million-dollar contract that Adam Sandler has with that platform, where the latest films of Adam Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison Productions, have been released for several years, including Hubie Halloween where Julie Bowen and Adam Sandler return to act together after so many years.

Happy Gilmore 2 will presumably not feature Carl Weathers and Bob Barker as both actors have passed away. However, Shooter McGavin returns as the character played by Christopher McDonald. During the interview he revealed that Adam Sandler himself showed him what he was working on and he immediately loved the idea.

I saw Adam two weeks ago, and the guy said “McDonald, you’re going to love this” and I said “What?” and then he goes and shows me the first draft of Happy Gilmore 2. I said “Fuck, that would be great, yeah”.

Maybe you should cut this part of the interview, because I don’t want to sound like a liar, but yes, he showed it to me, and it would be great, the fans want this sequel.

In an era where we are seeing again sequels to hits from the 80s and 90s, like the recently released Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire or Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, among many others like Bitelchus Bitelchus that will be released later this year, seeing Adam Sandler again in one of the roles that made him famous will be rewarding, hilarious and surely a very fun movie to watch because of nostalgia and the good productions that Adam Sandler always does with his works.