It’s been rumored to be coming to Xbox Game Pass for some time and today it’s finally added to the catalog: Immortals of Aveum


One of the many benefits that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can find is the EA Play catalog, Electronic Arts’ subscription service. Its selection of games is gradually growing with works of all production levels, from independent video games such as Sea of Solitude to triple A games such as the Star Wars Jedi saga.

One of the games that has been sounding the most to be included in EA Play and, consequently, in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, is Immortals of Aveum. At the end of 2023, specifically in the month of November, we already echoed this possibility, but it has not been until today when the title of Ascendant Studios, 8 months after its launch, is going to be included in the catalog.

This is Immortals of Aveum, available today with Xbox Game Pass

Immortals of Aveum is the first game from Ascendant Studios, from Electronic Arts under the EA Originals program. It stars Jak, a “fortuitous”, someone who manifests magical powers throughout his life and, overnight, loses everything he had (not that it was much). Suddenly, Jak is pushed to participate in the war after demonstrating that his magical powers are extraordinary.

The adventure begins with a tutorial of powers that gives us access to all types of magic offered by the game: Force (blue), Chaos (red) and Life (green). Each magic will be used by Jak through his gauntlet, being able to be combined during the gameplay and mixing all kinds of spells.

Despite a million-dollar investment and a good reception from critics, Immortals of Aveum failed to take off in sales. Those responsible for the game blamed it on an overly tight schedule, but in any case, the game’s poor commercial performance led the studio to reduce its staff by half. Its director hopes that, over time, the game will be more appreciated by players, as happened to Dead Space in its day. Will Xbox Game Pass be its way of redemption?