It was one of the big surprises of 2023, and now confirms that its story will continue: Sea of Stars DLC goes into production


Although 2023 will go down in history for the number of big AAAs that hit the market, the truth is that the year was also full of indie games that have made it one of the best years in the history of the industry. Titles like Cocoon or Dredge have managed to increase even more the general good impression about this type of developers. But if one game has stood out above the rest, it has been Sea of Stars.

The title offers us a classic JRPG game with a system that has managed to convince both specialists and the general public, to the point that many clamored for a continuation of the game. Best of all, that continuity has been more than confirmed in the last few hours, as the development team has confirmed that the Sea of Stars DLC has gone into full production.

Sea of Stars DLC goes into full production

Through the game’s official Twitter account, the development team confirmed that the Sea of Stars DLC has begun full production. It had been known for quite some time that this DLC was being developed by the studio. However, it was not until now that the entire team behind the game got down to work in order to complete the continuity of one of the best RPGs of the year.

Work is going well with the mysterious and quirky DLC, which has officially graduated from pre-production.

In addition, there was also talk about the team’s next project, which will be a new title which was discussed at the time the Sea of Stars DLC began development. However, Sabotage Studio did not want to share any details about it. Therefore, we will have to keep waiting to know something new about what they have in their hands for the future.