It wanted to be a Gears of War with flying, it remained a rather bland mix, and now it’s going to be discontinued: this is what the failed Dark Void looks like.


With the launch of Gears of War, and the success of the franchise created by Xbox, many companies tried to reproduce its success following an almost identical formula, betting on games in which cover was the main playable asset that characterized the experience. As is logical, some tried to innovate on this basis, and although interesting things were seen, there were also titles that were diluted like a sugar cube.

One of those games that tried to give a twist to the experience of the Marcus Fenix saga was Dark Void, which was qualified from some places as a Gears of War with flight, although the truth is that the title was quite far from the quality of Epic Games’ title, especially due to a series of problems that caused it to be a game that was half-assed in everything.

Dark Void was a kind of Gears of War with flight that was half-assed.

Dark Void offered the interesting proposition of having a jetpack, so vertical scrolling (as in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon) was one of the main methods of movement in the game. In addition, Capcom wanted this to be the playable forte in many enemy and boss fights, although the end result was somewhat uneven.

This kind of Gears of War with flight was left in a game that had a really poor enemy artificial intelligence, as well as a gameplay approach that, in its attempt to innovate, sacrificed too much of the player’s fun, offering somewhat monotonous moments that needed some punch to be as frenetic as Capcom had planned it to be.

Even with all this, the truth is that Dark Void became, in a sense, a small classic within the genre, and many players have ended up playing the title over the years, especially when it has been heavily discounted in the Gold Offers. The bad news is that it will soon be impossible, as Capcom has confirmed that they are going to discontinue it soon. Therefore, if you want to try this title, you have little time to get your hands on it.