It opens the question about the state of development depending on whether the game will be presented at an event this year. Could we see Perfect Dark at the June event?


Once we have to turn the page with the Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin issue, what should recover the image of Xbox is what they have to present in their upcoming events. The main candidate to resolve all doubts is the June 9 event, where some games are already beginning to sound. In fact, there is speculation that we could see Perfect Dark at the June event, although recent information did not bode well.

But it is Jeff Grubb himself who has come on the scene to give new clues about the situation of the game, after assuring that it is in a bad situation. Now, the insider assures that there may be options to draw clearer conclusions if the game can be seen throughout the year.

Las especulaciones sobre los juegos que podrían ser protagonistas del próximo evento de Xbox están siendo protagonistas de los últimos temas de conversación en la comunidad

Alarm bells would ring if there was no trailer for Perfect Dark this year, but we could see it in June.

If we put ourselves in context, Perfect Dark is the project that took under its responsibility a studio that was founded to scare the industry, The Initiative. A studio with veterans, with a titanic budget that led to coin this project as the first AAAA game. But we have been too long without knowing anything concrete, and in fact, since we started talking about this project, until it was presented, and since then until today, there is too much space without official information. And that worries, because they have gone ahead with AAAA, at a time when big budgets are risk factors that end badly.

But the unknown about Perfect Dark could be resolved in a clear way, and Grubb comments that “if we go all year without seeing Perfect Dark in any form, then I think that conversation of concern has to come up.” Perhaps it’s late, because in the end this game has been left too long in the oven and even then, it’s already raising concerns at Xbox. “If it doesn’t come out next month, I think they might start having a conversation about what’s going on with the game,” argues the insider, who assumes that this year is the year they have to come out and present something. In fact, he expects that “I expect we’ll see Perfect Dark next month and that some of the more recent rumors may have been outdated information.

We’ve been seeing that there’s a huge tendency to have an excuse before a leak about what’s being said today. This type of insiders are hardly different from the fanboys who seek notoriety in networks and who tend to give information without having any basis to give it. After those statements that assured that Perfect Dark was in a bad situation, the new information wants to insinuate the opposite and only a few days have passed. The information of the previous rumors “could be outdated”, it is a rather poor argument when lately they do not give foot with ball.

What matters now is to know if this assumption, which practically denotes absolute ignorance of what happens in The Initiative, manages to get right what will happen. We can expect State of Decay 3 to be at the Xbox event, just as we can expect Perfect Dark to be at the Xbox event. And the list of Xbox projects in development allows it, citing others such as Fable, Contraband, Clockwork Revolution, South of Midnight? Which ones will appear at the Xbox event?