“It might be a new NieR, or it might not”: NieR Automata team to reconvene on new project soon


Rumors about seeing a new NieR have been swirling ever since Square Enix released NieR Replicant Ver. 1.2247, the “remake” of the original installment of the franchise. In fact, some speculation recently surfaced that Yoko Taro, Keiichi Okabe and Yosuke Saito were working on a direct sequel to NieR Automata, after NieR Rep3nt was mentioned in the NieR Orchestra concerts.

These rumors have come back to the forefront following Saito’s latest interview with former Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi (via Gematsu), where he confirmed that he has rejoined paths with Taro and Okabe to get to work on a new project. However, as is always the case with this trio of artists, there was some play on whether or not we’ll see a new NieR.

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“I’ve been talking about wanting to do something with Yoko and Okabe for some time now,” Saito said. “I’ll have something a little more prepared to say in the not-too-distant future, so please stay tuned. It might be NieR, it might not be NieR. [laughs] That’s all I can say for now.”

It might be NieR, it might not be NieR. That’s all I can say for now.

“I’m doing various things with the idea of creating something that doesn’t exist yet,” he continued. “I can’t devote my time to it entirely, so most of it has been left to the staff, but it’s turning into something pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to the day when we can announce it.”

It should be remembered that the members of the NieR saga have always said that they were willing to return to work on a continuation of the same, as long as an indispensable requirement was met: that Square Enix gave them money to do so. For now, we will have to wait to see what Saito, Taro and Okabe have in their hands, but considering the success of the saga, it is quite likely that Square Enix will decide to go for the winning horse, especially after their poor economic results.