It failed miserably in theaters, but it’s one of Jason Statham’s best movies: it’s available on Prime Video.


There are actors whose careers are inextricably linked to a genre. Jason Statham is one of those actors, who like others such as Tom Cruise, has spent most of his film career making action movies. It is true that he is an actor who has a great screen presence, but it is also true that he has left us movies that were real nonsense. However, there are times when we can find really interesting works of his, and that is precisely what ‘Operation Fortune: The Great Deception’ is, which stands as one of Jason Statham’s best films.

Directed by Guy Richie, a director well known in these parts, ‘Operation Fortune: The Great Deception’ leaves us with a film where action, comedy and suspense predominate in a plot in which everything wants to lead to spectacularity. The film was released in theaters in January last year, but with a really negative result at the box office, managing to reap only 37 million in funding, compared to the 50 million it cost to produce.

‘Operation Fortune: The Great Deception’ is one of Jason Statham’s best films and it’s on Prime Video.

Statham plays an MI6 agent who must try to stop a billionaire (Hugh Grant) who intends to get his hands on a new technology that will be capable of creating hundreds of deadly weapons. Best of all, Statham must hire an actor (Josh Hartnett) to try to uncover all the billionaire’s secrets, which results in some really funny and ‘stupid’ scenes in the good sense of the word.

However, as is always the case with Richie, the reason why this is one of Jason Statham’s best movies is because of the fantastic choreography and the director’s good use of the camera in the film. In case you’re looking for a movie that offers mere entertainment, ‘Operation Fortune: The Great Deception‘ is a fantastic choice, and it’s available right now on Amazon Prime Video.