Is it possible to buy an Xbox X Series without VAT in Spain?


The tenth generation of consoles has been with us for just over three years now, and although it will be remembered as one of the most eventful generations in history, normality in everything related to it seems to be slowly making its way. In fact, far from the stock problems that have affected both Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series, although the latter to a lesser extent, in recent months it has been relatively easy to find the console at lower prices, even bearing in mind the price increase of the company’s top-of-the-range console.

However, outside of deal-related issues, many people are wondering if it is possible to buy an Xbox X Series without VAT in Spain. The answer is yes, although as in most occasions when we talk about getting a product at a “lower” price, there is a catch. There are only two ways in which you can buy an Xbox X Series without VAT: the first is taking advantage of the known as “VAT-free days”, where discounts of 21% are applied in different establishments, as we have become accustomed to large stores in our country; the second is determined when buying in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

┬┐Es posible comprar una Xbox Series X sin IVA en Espa├▒a?

It is possible to buy an Xbox X Series without VAT in Spain in three territories

Contrary to the rest of Spain, in the three territories mentioned above VAT does not apply, but here it is the IGIC(Impuesto General Indirecto Canario) which taxes the operations. Both the one and the other were created on a common basis, with the intention of trying not to distort the commercial operations that exist within the framework of the European Union. However, although there are many similarities, there are also important differences for consumers, since the rate of taxation is generally much lower.

The main difference between VAT and IGIC is that when someone sells a product to the Canary Islands, VAT must be excluded from the final price. In this way, it would be possible to get an Xbox Series X without VAT, since when buying it from anywhere else, when receiving it in the Canary Islands, the tax would no longer be applicable. But, what happens with internal transactions in the Canary Islands, or those who buy from outside the islands? Contrary to what has been explained above, in this case we would have to pay the IGIC.

However, as we have explained above, the IGIC has a much lower tax rate than the VAT. In the general VAT, which applies to almost all products, including consoles, the tax rate is 21%. Meanwhile, applied to IGIC, in this case the tax rate is only 7%. In this way, the saving that is obtained is considerable, finding really interesting offers when buying an Xbox in the Canary Islands.

┬┐Es posible comprar una Xbox Series X sin IVA en Espa├▒a?

In the case that the transaction was made in an establishment through the Peninsula, the final cost of the operation would have a levy of 14% higher on the base price. However, in this case, when the IGIC is applied, the final price of the product is lower than in the rest of Spain. And many of you will ask, what happens if I buy from the Canary Islands? Well, in this case it is stipulated that the IGIC must be paid once the purchased product arrives at Customs, since not only the application of the tax is taken into account, but also the price increase that is justified in the logistics costs involved in buying from the Canary Islands.

So, is it possible to buy an Xbox Series X without VAT in Spain? The answer is yes, but that does not mean that we can skip the tax. There are simply specific options in which, either because of a discount (in which case VAT is still applied, it just seems that it does not affect the price), or because of a regulatory issue, which does not exempt products from taxes, but changes them for another type of tax.