If you played this shooter on Xbox One, you’re going to run out of support. Crytek will no longer release Hunt: Showdown updates on previous generation consoles.


Crytek has been taking steps forward with its acclaimed multiplayer shooter, Hunt: Showdown. Going forward, it is looking to be able to support new technologieswithout having to tackle a sequel, but that comes at a cost. Crytek will no longer be releasing updates for Hunt: Showdown on previous generation consoles, so if you were playing this game on Xbox One, you’re out of support. The priority is now called CryEngine 5.11 and that only targets the Xbox Series X|S generation.

In fact, the new update will make the leap to that graphics engine, seeking to offer, at last, a next-gen experience. The studio, which is both in charge of developing the graphics engine and the game that promotes it, wanted to inform with a new video with information about this drastic change.

The shooter will stop running on Xbox One because Crytek will no longer release updates for Hunt: Showdown.

On the official Hunt: Showdown YouTube channel, Hunt general manager David Fifield has informed the community of what will be coming with an update that also changes a cycle. Crytek will no longer release Hunt: Showdown updates on previous-generation consoles, leaving out both Xbox One and Playstation 4. Thus, the game will now run natively on Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5.

And this becomes more serious if we take into account that the game will stop working, being more drastic than what could be assumed, and is that no more updates or content would be received. In order to continue playing, you have to make the jump to the next generation, where it is assured that the update will be applied without the loss of any previously acquired content. Although it is not considered a port, at least as far as the store is concerned, this support will be given to the owners of the game in the version of the previous platforms.

In the coming days Crytek intends to show the changes that will be applied with this new version of Hunt: Showdown, which rather than being updated, is relaunched. The update of the graphics engine will be executed on August 15, so there are weeks left to show the changes that will require such a drastic change for console users.

This reopens the debate that The Crew recently opened by shutting down its servers and rendering the game completely unplayable. Games as a service, or multiplayer games, have certain risks inherent in their approach. Both the number of users playing, as well as the performance of their servers and the persistence of the service, are aspects that could leave a worrying panorama if no solution is found.

Si jugabas a este shooter en Xbox One, te vas a quedar sin soporte. Crytek ya no lanzará más actualizaciones de Hunt: Showdown en consolas de la anterior generación

Maybe, on this occasion, the problem will be solved in a simple way, since it will be possible to continue enjoying the game on current consoles and PC. But have all those who play this game made the leap to the new generation of consoles?