ID@Xbox: 33 free demos to celebrate this special event

The ID@Xbox brings us a total of 33 free demos that we can enjoy and watch in this special event organized by the green platform due to the current dates. Microsoft has launched a festival full of unique and exclusive content and many new features.

This event dedicated to indie studios, has many surprises in store for us and up to a total of 33 playable demos that will be shown in the coming days. In this post we will give you the most important details of this celebration prepared by Microsoft and Xbox.

The demos that will be shown at the event will correspond to prepared fragments of certain titles. Captain Bones or The Land Beneath Us are some of the gems that Xbox has prepared for the coming days.

Here is the complete list of games that will appear at the event along with the studios that have been developing them:

  1. 502’s Arcade (502 Studios)
  2. Backbeat (Ichigoichie) – available Now
  3. Captain Bones (World of Poly)
  4. Champion Shift (SRG Studios)
  5. Chessarama (Minimol Games) – Pre-order Now
  6. Deceive Inc. (Sweet Bandits Studios), available now
  7. Dinosaur Fossil Hunter (Pyramid Games S.A.)
  8. Donut Dodo (
  9. Go Mecha Ball (Whale Peak Games)
  10. Hidden Through Time 2 (Rogueside)
  11. Howl (Mi’pu’mi Games), pre-order now
  12. Kiborg (Sobaka Studio)
  13. King Arthur: Knight’s Tale (NeocoreGames), pre-order now
  14. Kingdoms and Castles (BlitWorks Games), available now
  15. Long Gone Days (Serenity Forge), available now
  16. New Star GP (New Star Games)
  17. Oppidum (EP Games)
  18. Parcel Corps (Secret Mode)
  19. Pinball FX (Zen Studios), available now
  20. Pinball M (Zen Studios), available now
  21. PlateUp! (It’s Happening)
  22. Puzzledorf (Stuart’s Pixel Games)
  23. Roguematch: The Extraplanar Invasion (Starstruck Games)
  24. Shoulders of Giants (Moving Pieces Interactive), available now
  25. Sker Ritual (Wales Interactive)
  26. Slave Zero X (Poppy Works), pre-order now
  27. Slopecrashers (byteparrot)
  28. Space Boat (Recombobulator Games)
  29. SquadBlast (Ultrahorse)
  30. Strings Theory (BeautifulBee)
  31. The Holy Gosh Darn (Perfectly Paranormal)
  32. The Land Beneath Us (FairPlay Studios)
  33. Vagrus – The Riven Realms (Lost Pilgrims Studio)