How to watch Inazuma Eleven in chronological order

Inazuma Eleven, the beloved sports anime series that has captivated generations, offers a universe rich in soccer thrills and extraordinary skills, but difficult to follow in chronological order. With the proliferation of seasons, movies and specials, the inevitable question arises: inwhat order should one watch the series to follow the chronology properly?

For the original chronology, we suggest:

Inazuma Eleven, first season
2. Inazuma Eleven, second season
3. Inazuma Eleven, third season
4. Inazuma Eleven The Movie: The Ultimate Force, Team Ogre attacks!
5. Inazuma Eleven x Kaitou Gru no Tsuki Dorobou
6. Inazuma Eleven GO, first 32 episodes
7. Inazuma Eleven GO, the movie: Griffin, the absolute lasso
8. Inazuma Eleven GO, remaining episodes
9. Inazuma Eleven GO, special episodes
10. Inazuma Eleven GO! The Ultimate Gryphon Link
11. Inazuma Eleven GO: Chrono Stones
12. Inazuma Eleven GO: TCG CM NG-shuu
13. Inazuma Eleven GO, the movie: Inazuma Eleven GO vs. Danball Senji
14. Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy
15. Inazuma Eleven: Hyperdimensional, a Dream Match

For the alternate chronology, which includes Inazuma Eleven: Ares and Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin, it is suggested:

Inazuma Eleven, Season 1
2. Inazuma Eleven: Reloaded
3. Inazuma Eleven: outer code
4. Inazuma Eleven: Ares
5. Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin

Now, you know how to watch Inazuma Eleven in chronological order and get ready for the release of Inazuma Eleven Victory Road this year. The complete series is available on Amazon Prime Video.