How to remove ads from Amazon Prime Video

As of April 9, 2024, Amazon Prime Video users in Spain face the introduction of ads on the platform, coinciding with the release of “Fallout”. This move emulates Netflix, adding advertising to its original series and movies, as well as third-party content. While there is no increase in fees, those wishing to avoid ads must pay an extra €2 per month on top of their regular subscription.

To remove advertising, users must pay an additional €1.99 per month over the cost of their subscription. For example, a user paying €4.99 per month for Prime Video would have to pay a total of €6.98 per month to access ad-free content. This option also applies to annual subscriptions, including the student offer.

The ads in Amazon Prime Video have been experienced as similar in intrusiveness to those on Netflix. This experience raises the question of whether the ads on Amazon Prime Video are more or less annoying than those on its competitor. While some might find them tolerable, for others they would not justify the additional expense of €2 per month to remove them.