Honeycomb: The World Beyond, the game that combines Stardew Valley and No Man’s Sky and that everyone is talking about.

This survival title promises to be one of the most special releases of 2024. Don’t miss any detail about Honeycomb: The World Beyond, which is expected to be one of the most special titles that the new year will bring us.

This survival title promises many doses of action, strategy and supply delivery. Taking key mechanics from the beloved Stardew Valley, Honeycomb promises to be a title that holds many surprises and delves even deeper into the universe of simulation and survival games.

The action of the game will take place on the planet Sota7 where we will test our ability to cope with the dangers of a totally hostile environment. We will unearth the secrets of an epic and unique world in the cosmos and we will be able to study the most incredible flora and fauna.

The game draws many influences from titles like Stardew Valley in the simulation, No Man’s Sky in the exploration style, and also Starfield. A perfect adventure for indie, exploration and space lovers that you can’t and shouldn’t miss this 2024. So stay tuned.