Hogwarts Legacy: These free upgrade plans are sowing discontent among the community

Hogwarts Legacy is one of those titles that, no matter how much time passes, never goes out of fashion. Managing to please the vast majority of fans of the Harry Potter universe and immersing us in a unique fantasy world, Avalanche ‘s title has been prepared with a new free update.

One that is sowing some chaos and discontent among fans, something that is not usually very common in game updates. Here we leave you a statement regarding the title’s update that will arrive soon:

An update that will initially be free and coming by summer to Hogwarts Legacy, with many amazing unique features. The problem with the community though is this:

Fans are waiting for the content that was released for PlayStation, to end up arriving for the other platforms as well. And in the update notes, Avalanche has not been at all clear about it. This was Chandler Wood’s statement on the matter:

Hello everyone! We’re thrilled that everyone is excited about the free Hogwarts Legacy update this summer. We love seeing all the assumptions and hopes for what will be part of this update, and while we’re not ready to talk about it yet, I want to set some expectations for what we’re working on. Our original wording of “additional updates and features for the game” was very intentional. This update is a small way for us to show our appreciation to our players for the incredible reception of the game.