Here’s what we know about the original God of War trilogy and more details

The original God of War trilogy could return in a remastered version . It would do so for current-generation consoles, according to Nick Baker, co-founder of XboxEra. Although there is no official confirmation, this possible remastering has generated anticipation among Kratos fans. Although the God of War series has continued with the recent release of God of War: Ragnarok, some gamers are yearning to relive the experience of the original three God of War titles.

The free DLC for God of War: Ragnarok called “Valhalla” was unveiled at The Game Awards, but some gamers miss the Greek setting and Kratos’ signature destructive nature. The possibility of a remaster of the original trilogy has sparked interest, although this information is not yet official and should be taken with caution.

Nick Baker did not confirm whether the remastering will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 or if it will be available for the previous generation console as well. In addition, he was unable to provide a precise release date, indicating that the information available on this trilogy is limited at present.

The discussion around the current direction of Kratos is also mentioned, with some voices expressing preference for the original Kratos. God of War creator David Jaffe has shared critical opinions on the evolution of the character. However, for other players Kratos’ new arc, which shows a more human side,has been spectacular and well received. The future of God of War remains uncertain but, the possibility of a remastered version of the original trilogy givesfans of the saga a reason to be expectant of what the franchise may hold.