Here you can see Chapter 9 of Solo Leveling

The Solo Leveling anime continues its streak of incredible success on the Crunchyroll platform. In fact, a matter of hours ago we were able to enjoy chapter 8 of the series, one that was delayed due to A-1 Pictures’ roadmap for releasing the work.

But fear not, because no new delays are on the horizon. So if all goes well for these days we will have chapter 9 of Solo Leveling. If you want to know the release date and time, here we leave you all the info:

Solo Leveling: Aquí puedes ver el Capítulo 6 de la Temporada 1

Solo Leveling chapter 9 premieres on Saturday, March 9, 2024. The premiere schedule in each country is as follows:

  • Spain – 18:30h
  • Mexico – 11:30am
  • Peru – 11:30am
  • Colombia – 1:30pm
  • Argentina – 2:30pm
  • Chile – 2:30pm

You can watch it on Crunchyroll.

In fact follow our article on where to watch Solo Leveling online for more information on the premiere. The story brought to us by A-1 Pictures has recently seen some initial images shared of what we will see in the next episode. Here they are:

We also got a sneak preview of a “preview” of the new episode here:

Sung Jinwoo’ s story continues to be told (slower than we would like), but we are more than convinced that by the next episode it will manage to re-captivate a large part of the audience that after the delay became a bit detached from the series.