Helldivers 2 and weather events added with latest update

Helldivers 2 is one of those incredible titles that has managed to unite the entire community of players in recent weeks. And no wonder, since the game has managed to break records of players and people interested in joining the trend of enjoying Helldivers 2.

In fact, in this latest update, the community has been able to enjoy something that they have been asking for some time. And it is that there are new climatic events in the worlds that will make us live an even more immersive experience.

Arrowhead Game Studios has put the batteries in conditions, and has given us an update as “god commands”. Here are the details:

  • New atmospheric events.
  • New in-game events that change our gameplay experience.
  • Bug fixes for the PC version.
  • Meteor shower.

This makes Helldivers 2 gradually becoming a unique title in its style. And it is achieving that the gaming community has only good words about it.