He is one of the most iconic characters in manga and anime, and now they have shown what Naruto’s first design looked like.


Naruto is one of the most important anime and manga in the history of both industries. Although Masashi Kishimoto ‘s work is influenced by the great work that the master Akira Toriyama did with Dragon Ball, he managed to differentiate himself with a work that is considered one of the most popular in history, fighting for first place with others as important as One Piece or Dragon Ball itself.

One of the most important elements of the work is its protagonist, Naruto, who has already gone down in history as one of the most important shonen genre characters ever created. However, and although even the least anime and manga fans can get an idea of what the character looks like, the truth is that Naruto’s design could have been somewhat different from the one we know, the result of the numerous sketches that Kishimoto made before getting down to work with the manga.

primer dise├▒o de Naruto

This is what Naruto’s first design looked like

In an image published a few days ago, Kishimoto showed what was the first Naruto design he made in 1999. The first thing that is clear is that the mangaka had clear what was going to be the appearance of the character, counting with the same clothes that finally would have at the beginning of the work. However, and although it is true that his appearance is also really similar to the one that made it to the final work, the truth is that some small changes were introduced.

First of all, his hair is somewhat different from the one we could see in the final work. In addition, it also has some change in his clothing, since for example, we can see the glasses that Naruto wears right on his forehead. Although it is true that we could see them in the early stages of the work, Kishimoto’s intention was that he would always wear them during the work, although it was an idea that he finally discarded. Finally, the final change that took place was related to his feet, since in this sketch he wears boots that were finally replaced by sandals.