HBO Max changes its name to MAX: Update date and price change

HBO Max is currently one of the streaming applications to watch series and movies content, which has more monthly subscribers. And the best of all is that the thing does not stop there, since it has in its catalog with series as iconic as The Last of Us or Dragon House.

Well, it seems that the platform is going to change radically, and will be renamed MAX. In fact we already have some details linked to changes in the app&;s features, price changes and fluctuations and much more.

  • From February 27, 2024 this change will begin to occur in the application for users in Spain.

HBO Max: Todos los estrenos para el mes de diciembre

So far so good, in fact there are many who were already prepared for this merger and change to MAX, although a message from HBO to subscribers has set off some alarms. At the moment the platform has a single plan of € 9.90 per month. But the message warns that &;new payment options&; are coming, which means we are likely to see more pricing options (more expensive and maybe cheaper than the current ones).

How do you think this peculiar situation around the HBO Max platform will be resolved?