GTA VI: The game could be a temporary PlayStation 5 exclusive: Some details for and against this argument

GTA VI exclusive to PS5 in the near future? GTA VI could be a console exclusive game on the PS5 platform, at least at the time of its release. As already happens to date with other titles such as Final Fantasy XVI. It would not be unreasonable to think about this option, as Sony has struggled in recent years to have this type of exclusivity.

While GTA VI is a title that transcends platforms and that millions of players of all tastes and platforms are waiting for, the agreed exclusivity with PS5 could be a reality. These are the details and indications that make us think that this type of situation could occur in the future, and some arguments that could be positioned against this future situation.

Before going into the subject, let us make these aspects clear:

  • There is no solid basis to confirm that this is a reality.
  • There are no indications that GTA VI will have exclusivity with Sony at the time of its release.
  • Sony has an intense and active track record for obtaining full and temporary exclusivity on big Triple A games.

An analysis of this possible situation

GTA VI: El juego podría ser exclusivo temporal de PlayStation 5: Algunos detalles en pro y en contra de este argumento

Why do we say this? Basically as reported by Alex Smith (who was working at Bend Studio, creators of Days Gone), from his personal “X” account, it seems that PlayStation has the console marketing rights to GTA VI, which would position PS5 at the top in the dispute for the “exclusivity” of Rockstar’s future jewel. This would lead to the title not being released simultaneously on other platforms, such as PC or Xbox Series.

And in turn, the release of GTA VI on PC would be delayed a year longer than it would be on consoles. Although obtaining the marketing rights to the game for consoles does not imply that 100% of the title will be exclusive to PS5, everything would indicate that this would be the case, if we take into account Sony’s track record with regard to big games.

As has happened with Final Fantasy in recent years (Crisis Core, VII Remake, Final Fantasy XVI, etc).