GTA VI aims to be too demanding a game for consoles, experts say


It will be coincidence, or it will be a debate promoted by the interest aroused by the rumors surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI and Playstation 5 Pro. But in any case, the confluence of these two terms in a debate has not given the expected result, by many, when it is assured that GTA VI aims to be a game too demanding for consoles, to the point that even that model would be able to bring the game to 60fps.

It has been Digital Foundry, who are specialists in this area of hardware and performance, who seem to be convinced that the game being developed by Rockstar Games is a game that is going to demand a lot from any hardware. Don’t just think about consoles, it would also do so in its future PC version .

GTA VI apunta a ser un juego demasiado exigente para consolas

GTA VI aims to be a game too demanding for consoles

And we are talking about a really powerful hardware, because today there were even suspicions about the power that said it was going to have. It has been the insistence of certain media in pointing out that what was speculated was true, that we have paid some attention to what they pointed out, with those 33TFLOPs and applying technologies that point out that it will be a very powerful hardware. But also, that its rescaling technology would be able to go from 1080p to 4K very efficiently.

With all this, Digital Foundry has given a reality check, when it is assured that GTA VI aims to be a game too demanding for consoles. The technology expert and founder of Digital Foundry, Rich Leadbetter, to qualify this observation, that even the PS5 Pro would be a console that would not get to run GTA VI at 60fps. There, certainly, we could question whether there would be any adjustments, such as resolution, to make that possible. But since Rockstar doesn’t usually offer too many options, it gives the feeling that Leadbetter has felt confident to state this, without putting on a poker face.

And how is this possible? Well, according to Leadbetter, “an additional 10% in clock frequency isn’t going to do much good at all,” as far as the CPU is concerned. And unless Rockstar Games literally works “magic” with the CPU usage requirements. And there, media contributor Alexander Battaglia, the PS5 Pro has a “high CPU frequency mode, which pushes the CPU to 3.85 GHz, a 10% increase over the standard console,” but this is not something that will be used for all games, nor consistently.

What is most striking, is that either Rockstar is aware of hardwares that have not yet been officially presented, or perhaps their development does not have to plan to aim to reach 60fps on consoles that are not now on the market. If the PS5 Pro will have a hard time reaching those performances, it’s because GTA VI aims to be a game too demanding for consoles and the ones being used now would suffer more. But let’s not forget that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that runs at 30fps and nobody complained about that aspect. Even, we now have a game like Dragon’s Dogma 2 that also runs far from 60fps.

GTA VI apunta a ser un juego demasiado exigente para consolas, segĂșn indican los expertos 51

The strange feeling that remains is that we’ve barely had any games that have left a record of leaving Xbox One behind and entering a new generation. It’s been all strange, but it seems that the Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5 consoles have become obsolete before reaching their peak. We’ll see what happens with GTA VI, because before we can talk about it, we’ll have to wait for Rockstar to give us more information about the game.