GTA+ price increase of 33%

Rockstar Games has announced a 33% increase in the price of its subscription service, GTA+, used by GTA Online players. Previously, the monthly cost was €5.99, but has now increased to €7.99. This change has been reported by VGC, although the reason behind the increase has not been specified by the company. However, it is notable that Rockstar has been adding classic franchise games to the service. Such as the GTA trilogy, Red Dead Redemption, GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Chinatown Wars, which could justify the price increase.

Subscribed players previously enjoyed benefits within GTA Online for a flat monthly fee. While it has not been disclosed whether the service was popular among Grand Theft Auto V players, the price increase could have an impact on the perception and adoption of the service. In addition, this move could indicate a strategy by Rockstar to increase revenue. As well as providing greater value to subscribers by including classic games in the service.

It is possible that the GTA+ price increase could generate divided opinions among subscribers. Some might see it as anecessary step to maintain or improve the quality of the service, especially with the inclusion of additional games. However, others might see it as a negative change that affects their monthly entertainment budget. In addition, the prospect of future game additions to the service, such as the potential release of Bully, could influence some players’ decision to keep their subscription or cancel it.

Despite the uncertainty of how this price increase will be received, it appears that Rockstar Games is committed to expanding and improving the content offered through GTA+.