GTA 6 players call for this feature for cars and driving in the game

GTA 6 players are demanding this feature for the cars and the driving system in the game. Rockstar &;s next big title is getting all the attention since we know that it has entered the final stage of development.

That is why some players have had the great idea of claiming a new feature for the driving system of GTA 6 in the future, and it seems that their claim is being heeded due to the large amount of support it has been getting these days:

There should be the ability to put people in the back trunk of the car in GTA 6
byu/Free_Fig_9885 inGTA6

Basically the community &;s demand is that the game should allow us to put people in the back of the vehicles, whether they are alive or not. Something that only the most sinister minds could plan and ask for the game. although it is true that having this option enabled, would bring a greater degree of immersion to the title.