GTA 6 developers fear Rockstar will fall back into labor crunch

GTA 6 developers have been complaining recently that Rockstar Games has not stopped its controversial labor &;crunch&; practices. A term associated with the extraordinary and continuous work, above the limit agreed by schedule or agreement with the company.

Something we already saw in the development of RDR 2. Working full time in offices is being a practice that Rockstar has claimed to take recently to avoid &;leaks&; of content of GTA 6. Something that is now darkened a little more, when we see complaints from developers about labor crunch.

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&;Senior management needs to rethink their reckless decision making and collaborate with their staff to find an agreement that works for everyone.&;

Those were the words left by one of the GTA 6 developers to the Workers&; Union of Great Britain.

Fear in the offices is in the air, as telecommuting or remote working is not an option. Rockstar Games is in the final stages of development of the game and is tightening engines so that this 2024 the title is completed to polish it in early 2025 and launch it the same year.

Let&;s remember that it will be released first on last generation consoles (Xbox Series X and PS5).