GTA 6 artwork could indicate how its main characters met


After much rumor and speculation, as well as leaks a couple of summers ago, Rockstar Games finally shared the first trailer for GTA 6 late last year. Since then, the American company has kept an almost sepulchral silence about what is expected to be one of the biggest games of the generation, which has only led to more speculation about it.

In fact, the game is scheduled to hit the market sometime in 2025, although some rumors have already surfaced that the title might have suffered an internal delay, and as a consequence, it would have been decided to end the telework to speed up the production of the game. However, there is nothing confirmed, as is the case about the relationship that exists between Jason and Lucia, the two protagonists of the game.

The first artwork of GTA 6 could reveal how Lucia and Jason met.

While we may know a bit more when new information about the game is shared, the reason why this duo is together remains a mystery to gamers. However, user @GameRollGTA has shared a proposition that could make a lot of sense about how the game’s protagonists met, and he’s done so in the wake of the first GTA 6 artwork that was officially shared.

As we can see in the images shared by the user, Jason makes use of specific blue sneakers, which are usually given to US inmates entering federal prisons. This has led the user to conclude that Lucia and Jason met in prison, and it is possible that it was the protagonist who got Jason out of prison, which would have generated that unbreakable bond that is glimpsed in the first moving images of the game.

Of course, this is just speculation, and it could also be an ordinary Vans, although the resemblance to the prison sneakers is really striking. Be that as it may, we will probably have to wait for the release of GTA 6 to find out for sure, as it would be logical that Rockstar Games would tell us about the past of its protagonists at some point in the game.