Grandia HD Collection has release date on PlayStation and Xbox

Grandia HD Collection brings us the collection with the first two titles of the saga. And it already has a date on PlayStation and Xbox. The remasters will be on sale in a very short time and will come to PS4 and Xbox One.

So we are talking about a perfect release for previous generation consoles. The release date of Grandia HD Collection is scheduled for March 26, 2024. It will also be backwards compatible with current generation consoles(PS5 and Xbox Series).

We will enjoy Grandia 1 and Grandia 2 for the first time in remastered version on consoles after a long time. And this news is perfect both for fans of the franchise and for those who are interested in the fantasy world in video games.

  • While we already enjoyed the title in the past for Nintendo Switch, we will now enjoy it on all other platforms.

That said, we hope you&;ll be immersed in a unique experience when both titles are released. One of the best JRPGs in history is back in the video game industry&;s news. How do you feel about it?