Gran Turismo 7 and its new update double the number of players

Polyphony has made Gran Turismo 7 one of the most incredible automotive titles in the gaming industry in recent years. With an extensive player base, and greatly expanded with its latest installment, it seems that the game&;s horizon to explore is far from over.

Following the latest Spec II update, which promises to be a bevy of new and unique content, Gran Turismo 7 &;s player base has doubled. With four-player split-screen mode, a new track and many more features.

This update is completely free and adds 7 new vehicles, a totally innovative track, a new AI called Sophy, a quick race mode and intense new challenges. Get behind the wheel and enjoy the new content that has caused the Gran Turismo community to double in just a few days.

Gran Turismo is available for both PS4 and PS5, and its near future looks bright especially for fans of speed, motoring and getting behind the wheel.