Good news for those who want to play Baldur&;s Gate 3 with friends on other platforms: Crossplay will be added


Baldur&;s Gate 3 has quickly become one of the most acclaimed and award-winning role-playing games of recent times. Larian Studios&; title, based on the Dungeons and Dragons universe, offers a deep, immersive and completely unique gaming experience for every player. However, many players are wondering if they will be able to play Baldur&;s Gate 3 with friends who have different gaming platforms. The answer has been given a couple of months ago and it was a clear &;yes&;: crossplay will come to the game in a future update.

Many will know that crossplay or cross-play is a feature that allows players from different platforms to connect and play together online. This expands the possibilities for cooperation and diversification between communities, as it is not limited to users of the same console or PC. For its part, Baldur&;s Gate 3, which is available on Xbox X|S Series, PC and PlayStation 5, will benefit from this feature, which has already been confirmed by the developer studio.

Being able to play Baldur&;s Gate 3 with friends on PlayStation 5 and PC will be possible thanks to a future update that will bring crossplay and cooperative improvements.

In an exclusive interview with Eurogamer, Larian Studios revealed that crossplay for Baldur&;s Gate 3 is on their roadmap from the start, but they did not reveal an exact date for its implementation. The studio remarked that this feature was always in their plans, but could not be ready for the game&;s launch. Currently, Larian is working on fixing bugs and improving the game&;s performance before making this major update.

Baldur&;s Gate 3&;s crossplay is clearly great news for fans of the game, who will be able to enjoy its co-op mode with friends on other platforms. The game allows players to create their own characters and explore a vast world full of adventures, challenges and decisions. The cooperative mode allows players to share the story and the consequences of their actions with other users, adding more depth and dynamism to the game.

Baldur&;s Gate 3 is a game that ensures hours of fun and entertainment for RPG lovers. With crossplay, this experience will be enriched and expanded, as players will be able to join their friends no matter what platform they have. This feature is long awaited and desired by the gaming community, which will be able to enjoy Baldur&;s Gate 3 with more freedom and variety.