Get this PC game for free for a limited time at GOG: Last hours to get it

If you&;re a fan of PC gaming, and you also have an account on the GOG platform, then don&;t waste your time. Get this PC game for free through CD Projekt Red&;s purple platform, and keep it forever, although you have it available to claim for a limited time.

Remember that to do so you have to:

  1. Have an official GOG account.
  2. Be logged in.
  3. Access the game by searching for it from the store, or from our direct link in the entry.

And that&;s it, you should have direct access to the title once you claim it forever in your account.

  • The offer will be available until 04/04/2024 09:59 EEST.

So if you want to enjoy a unique adventure, full of action and fantasy, this title can be yours forever, if you claim it before April 4, 2024. If you like free games, don&;t miss this opportunity to continue expanding your PC catalog. We encourage you to keep watching for more offers from our website.

There are only a few hours left to enjoy this game without spending any money on the GOG platform. Are you up for it? Share this post with all your friends.

Since free games and limited time promotions usually appear without notice and suddenly, so here we will inform you of the most important ones so you can always add these free games to your catalog. What do you think?