Get this game on Steam at a deeply discounted price for a limited time only.

Get this game on Steam at a very discounted price for a limited time, and even more if you are a fan of mafia and GTA games. Why do we say this? Basically because we have the entire Mafia series on sale on Valve’s platform.

Want to know more details about this juicy offer? We encourage you to keep reading then this post so you can know many of the options and conditions presented by this promotion of this game on Steam, or rather “collection” of games.

Mafia Definitive Edition – 9,99€.

Mafia II – 9,89€.

Mafia III – 9,89€.

So if you had planned to enjoy this great 2K franchise for years, maybe this is the ideal time for you to consider the option of getting all the games, or those that interest you or that you don’t have yet.

Remember that this promotion is for a limited time, and that while some of these games may vary slightly in price at the end of the offer, it is the ideal time to save a few euros.