Geralt&;s actor in The Witcher 3 warns about the dangers of AI in video games


If there has been one term that has seen an incredible spike in popularity in 2023 it has been AI. Artificial intelligence has become a rapidly expanding field at all levels. Although fraught with controversy around it, AI is here to stay, but not everyone agrees that it is. Doug Cockle, actor of Geralt in The Witcher 3is one of them.

And Cockle has warned about the danger of AI in video games in a recent talk given to the IGN portal, where he reviewed the current situation of the tool in the development of electronic entertainment works and how it affects the industry in general and the world of dubbing in particular, which is the one that affects him directly.

Geralt&;s actor in The Witcher 3 warns about the danger of AI in videogames

These were Cockle&;s words on the matter:

&;AI is inevitable and developers will use it. We don&;t know 100 percent exactly what this means. They&;re already using it in various ways, filling in the background, with voices for NPCs and things like that, which is unfortunate because those voices were all human voices at one point, and the voices are all modeled after human beings. So they take somebody&;s voice, put it in their database, digitize it, and use it to say things that people never said. There&;s something unethical about it and there&;s a lot of debate around it.&;

That&;s not all the legendary video game voice of Geralt of Rivia has talked about, as he also explained how in the past he turned down an offer from a company that made use of AI to generate voices.

&;I said no and I would say no again. But it&;s not because I don&;t like AI. It&;s because I think with voice actors, especially those playing lead roles, there is a reality and that is that people are stealing their voices. That&;s happening. It&;s happened to me on multiple occasions. I can&;t even watch it because I would spend all my time watching this stupid stuff.

Someone can use AI to produce something racist using Geralt&;s voice, my voice, or just against something that most people think is good. That&;s where AI becomes dangerous. Fake news, fake opinions. We&;re seeing it with politicians now. People are putting that kind of stuff out there. AI is not the problem. It&;s the people using it.&;

Doug Cockle announced a few months ago that he was suffering from prostate cancer and that his treatment process was going well. Having finished the Geralt of Rivia trilogy with CD Projekt, Cockle will now also be voicing the character in The Witcher: Sirens of the Deepa new anime film from Andrzej Sapkowski&;s universe that Netflix is working on.