Genshin Impact will give away this new character for free for a limited time only

Genshin Impact is one of the most played titles in the world during the last few years. The community that HoYoverse has managed to build around this game has been so wide and large, that many times the company has given its most active players skins, characters and unique content for free.

This is what, in theory, is going to happen to celebrate version 4.4 of the game. Genshin Impact and HoYoverse are going to give us a new character without paying a penny. And this character would be Gaming, of which we already have a design.

Genshin Impact regalará gratis este nuevo personaje por tiempo limitado

A very interesting and captivating Christmas from HoYoverse that has already been giving us at other times very interesting content to claim for free. If you&;ve been playing Genshin Impact for years, you probably already have many of these characters unlocked.

However for new players and casual players, this gift is very nice and interesting to have in our personal Genshin Impact account forever. If you are attentive and play the title these days, HoYoverse will surely give you this character for free to add to your collection. One that, of course, will continue to grow during the next year 2024.

Sounds good, doesn&;t it?