Genshin Impact banners for version 4.5 after a leak

Recently we have been able to take a look at the new Genshin Impact banners that would be announced with the arrival of version 4.5 of the game. And after the most recent leak we have been able to take a look at how the conceptual and final artwork of these new designs would look like.

As the months go by, the new Genshin Impact banners become a symbol that the next version and update of the game will be available for download. Remember that these updates are totally free.

These are the characters that have been leaked in the Genshin Impact banners:

  • Chiori
  • Kaedehara Kazuha
  • Arataki Itto

Banners de Genshin Impact para la versi├│n 4.5 tras una filtraci├│n

As we can appreciate in the designs, it seems that gold and turquoise blue are going to dominate this new version of the game. Although these designs come from a leak and have not been officially confirmed, it would not be at all discardable that they end up being real.

So this information should be treated as what it is, a leak of the new Genshin banners with the 4.5 version of the game, and not an official statement that this will be the final look. What do you think?