Gears of War 6 to land in 2024 according to a rumor

Gears of War 6 would land with its expected return for this year 2024. The famous Xbox and PC franchise has been completely missing for a couple of years from the current affairs of the video game industry, and many think that the return of the saga would save the furniture for an Xbox that is in low hours compared to the competition.

Moreover, Gears of War is the only major Microsoft game franchise that has not yet had an Xbox Series release, which is quite shocking. If we stop to analyze the potential of the franchise, it is strange that we have no news of a possible release today.

Or so we thought until this message appeared on networks.

No doubt this comment by The Coalition&;s level designer , Benjamin Huyghe, leaves many doors open, and even more questions. It&;s bold to theorize that this would lead to an announcement of Gears of War 6 for 2024, although nothing would indicate that it won&;t happen.

Perhaps we will see some teaser, trailer or exclusive footage of the next Gears of War game. This message is very encouraging and fills us with hope to see if definitively, the star franchise of Microsoft games returns in style with a quality title.