Future game from the creators of Genshin Impact leaked

Recently we have witnessed some leaks that claim to know what is the future game of the creators of Genshin Impact that will be released later. A new game that would be radically different from the style of titles we are used to these years.

Starry Sky Valley would be the new HoYoverse title and would be similar in operation and gameplay to Animal Crossing. Undoubtedly this would be a risky and strong bet, as the company would enter fully into another type of games they are not used to.

A new and unique project that would give them the possibility to continue expanding into more areas withinthe world of video games.

In fact at the same time as this new game was theoretically registered, a new BiliBili account was also registered. So it seems that everything indicates that this title is currently being developed. The game, from the creators of Genshin Impact, promises a lot.

Surely the initial impact of it will be considerable, as we are not used to seeing a project of this style in the hands of HoYoverse, but surely they manage to do it effectively.