Frieren: Season 2 Release Date and Official Trailer

Frieren is one of those works that has premiered in style, reaching incredible viewing figures and captivating a large part of the audience. And not only that, in fact we already have the premiere date for Season 2 as well as some revealing details of what&;s to come in the next part of the anime.

Frieren&; s story will continue much sooner than most might have thought at first. Considering it&;s a brand new anime. Frieren: Beyond Journey&;s End has become the surprise anime of late 2023.

The first season of Frieren is confirmed to have 28 episodes. At the moment we have up to episode 16 aired. So the date of the next part of the anime has already been announced and it will be on January 5, 2024 when the second part of the anime will be aired.

The arc that will take place is the &;First Class Mage Exam&; and will undoubtedly leave us incredible moments in this fantasy story. In addition, a promotional art image of Frieren Season 2 or part 2 has been shared. And the design has left us speechless of how beautiful it is.

Frieren: Fecha de estreno de la Temporada 2 y tráiler oficial