Frieren: Here you can watch Chapter 26 of the anime

Frieren is one of the most beautiful and incredible animes that we are being able to see throughout this 2024. And the fact is that Crunchyroll &;s jewel is conquering and falling in love in equal parts thanks to its fantasy, characters and excellent narrative that has managed to hook millions of fans.

In this post we will give you the confirmed details of the next chapter of the first season of Frieren, as well as the premiere schedule, the date and the different Spanish-speaking countries where it will arrive. So you&;d better take notes so you can organize your schedule later on.

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Frieren: Aquí puedes ver el Capítulo 18 de la Temporada 1

Release date of the 26th episode of the series &; Friday, March 8, 2024.

  • Spain &; 17:00h
  • Mexico &; 09:00h
  • Colombia &; 10:00h
  • Peru &; 10:00h
  • Argentina &; 12:00h
  • Chile &; 12:00h

In fact you can watch the series from the Crunchyroll platform, so once you have watched it, we invite you to leave us in comments what you thought of it and if it is meeting your expectations this year.