Announced 2 new free Xbox games for Free Play Days available from May 16 to 19


Thursdays are synonymous with free games for the Microsoft ecosystem, as the Xbox team offers Xbox Game Pass Core and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers some free games throughout the weekend, and that’s thanks to titles joining the program Free Play Days.

Starting today and for the next three days, subscribers of either of these two services will be able to enjoy for a limited time to play 2 free Xbox games. Specifically, among the titles that will be available throughout the weekend are Killing Floor 2 and Planet Coaster. Therefore, these are very different options to keep us busy over the weekend.

These are the 2 new free games for Xbox for the Free Play Days

Killing Floor 2

Anunciados los 2 nuevos juegos gratis para Xbox por los Free Play Days disponibles del 16 al 19 de mayo 40

In Killing Floor 2, players delve into mainland Europe, which is plagued by horrible and lethal clones called zeds, created by Horzine company scoundrels. The outbreak caused by Horzine’s failed experiment has spread quickly and forcefully. Such is its magnitude that it has even paralyzed the European Union. Only a month after the outbreak that swept London in the first KILLING FLOOR, zeds are everywhere. Civilization is in chaos: communications are down, governments have collapsed and the military has been systematically eradicated. The lucky inhabitants of Europe who managed to hide are struggling to survive.

Planet Coaster

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Surprise and delight the masses with the theme park of your dreams and design a living world with incredible attention to detail. No matter your skill level, bring your ideas to life. Take advantage of blueprints to quickly place over 700 pre-designed objects, including roller coasters, facilities and decorations; build from scratch with detailed parts; or transform your terrain with terrain alteration tools. Managing your park is simple. Visitors react in real time as you set prices, place decorations and install exciting new attractions. Keep the crowd entertained to keep attendance numbers (and profits) soaring.

How to download the free games of the Free Play Days

With an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Core subscription, you need to do the following:

  1. Search for the game in Microsoft Store or click on the titles in this article
  2. Click on the “Install, bundled with Game Pass” or “Free Trial” button
  3. Run the game and take advantage of the promotion days.

So much for this weekend’s Free Play Days free games, are you planning to play any of them?