Fortnite may have anticipated the return of Kratos from God of War

Fortnite and the return of Kratos from God of War have been in the spotlight of gamers in recent hours. And the truth is that it is not for less. No flying mounts this time, let’s talk about this connection between the jewel of Epic Games and the Santa Monica franchise.

The arrival of the classic Kratos to Fortnite could be closer than ever today. While we already have a look of Kratos (with beard and Nordic attire), there are many fans who are waiting to see the classic look of the god of war in Epic Games‘ game.

Fortnite and the return of Kratos

“In a new poll, Epic Games mentions “(2005) God of War.” These polls often include upcoming collaborations, so if Epic plans to add young Kratos to Fortnite, there’s really no better time than to add him in a season of Greek mythology.”

So we’ll have to see if this ultimately ends up happening, but fans of the Santa Monica god of war are already rubbing their hands together.