Fortnite Festival: Get Lady Gaga’s looks like this

Fortnite Festival is one of the most anticipated events these days for the great jewel in the crown of the Epic Games catalog. And there are millions of players who are eager to enjoy what this event has prepared for all of us.

In this quick guide we will give an overview of everything we can expect from this event, and if you are a fan of music and Lady Gaga, then you are in luck because you can get some interesting Lady Gaga skins to use in your games.

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All Lady Gaga skins in Fortnite Festival

Gaga with Chromatica Armor – You will have to get it from the official in-game store in exchange for PaVos. In fact you’ll be able to exchange them for 1500 PaVos if you want it independently. If you buy the pack of sets it will cost you 3000 PaVos.

These are the prices of the different items that make up the Lady Gaga pack in Fortnite Festival:

  • Lady Gaga Lot 3,000 PaVos.
  • Gaga skin with Chromatica armor + LEGO Fortnite style: 1,500 PaVos
  • Chromatica Bass: 1.000 bucks (Festival)
  • Chromatica Mic: 1,000 bucks (Festival)
  • Tempest Gesture: 500 bucks
  • Lady Gaga’s Stupid Love Music: 500 bucks

Remember that you’ll be able to get your hands on these accessories individually or as part of the whole lot if you were really interested in adding to your personal library in Fortnite.