Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: New incredible details of its open world

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is one of the most anticipated games for this 2024, and the title for which thousands of players are eager to know new and refreshing information that immerses us again in one of the most mythical stories in the world of video games and the saga itself started by Square Enix.

Players will be able to write their own path in the open world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This is something that varies a lot if we compare it with the first game of the remake of the classic installment. And that certainly has us with very high expectations at the moment.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Nuevos detalles incre铆bles de su mundo abierto

How do we know this? Very simple, since in an interview for Game Informer we were able to see new important details about the next Square Enix game, and the truth is that the statements of members involved in the development of the project left us wanting more.

Part of our game design that we assumed for Rebirth is that in the main story you’ll save Yuffie and Under Junon, and then from there you’ll go to Junon and then to Costa del Sol. But, for example, hearing the stories of the anti-Shinra people living in Under Junon, one might think, “What about this Crow’s Nest area that I’m hearing about?” Maybe players want to go there, explore, and go on a parallel adventure on their own to save people. We want the player to be able to go on these different adventures and embark on their own journeys according to their interests.

Statements that fully reflect Square Enix’ s intentions with this game. The world of FFVII will be shaped by the journey we take, the decisions we make and the places we choose to explore.