FC 24 Ultimate Team will receive a Centurion Icon SBC

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team is gearing up for an exciting Centurion Icon SBC, according to Fut Sheriff, a trusted leaker in the community. As fans anticipate the arrival of the Team of the Year (TOTY), Fut Sheriff revealed some new features to keep the excitement around EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team.

In the objectives section, players enjoy missions with high-quality rewards, such as booster packs and squad challenges with a single-player SBC and Player Choice 85+. However, Fut Sheriff shared an image that hints at additional upcoming content. Thus, a new Centurion icon could arrive Ultima Team. Plus a brand new Ice and Fire SBC (rumored Gavi) in addition to the one we already have available from Sterling. And, finally a flashback card appears that could be any player who had a great level, this time according to rumors, it would be Danny Welbeck‘s turn.

Among the leaks, an SBC of Icon Centurion stands out. Although the identity of the footballer in question remains a secret, speculations and theories are circulating in the community. Content creators, such as Doumbia_FUT, point to options such as Jairzinho or Zico as the most likely.

The context of the impending TOTY launch adds intrigue, as EA could introduce an expensive SBC during the promotion. This would allow players to make the SBC and use duplicate cards during the promotion.