Fallout community angered by revelation of hidden detail

It is well known that Fallout has a large community that pampers and enjoys the details of the saga. And like all fans, the demand for video games is high. This is what Emil Pagliarulo, designer and main scriptwriter of Fallout 4, has known, with whom the Fallout community has been angry.

Given the popularity the recently released series is having, Pagliarulo commented on X about a curious and unknown connection between Fallout and the male protagonist of Fallout 4. Without going any further, he pointed out that Nate is the same loner who appears in the beginning of the first installment of the saga, who laughs when his companion kills a Canadian citizen who was gagged during the illegal occupation of the United States in 2070.

After the comment, a wave of negative comments rushed towards him, the Fallout community has been angry, so he was forced to qualify his words, indicating that his intention was to give a detail to the fans of the saga, but that he did not take into account “how divisive it could be”. Pagliarulo made it clear that Nate is not a war criminal.

The Fallout series, available on Amazon Prime Video, includes several nods to the video games themselves, how could it be otherwise. The popularization of the series was the trigger for the designer and scriptwriter to make that comment, although he later had to clarify that it was an internal wink that could be interesting to place the character, but without indicating it directly to the players.